jueves, 30 de abril de 2009

Barcelone, accompagné d'un "jaune wave" Tour de France de la ville dans son sillage

Un moment de la quinzième étape du Tour.

* Cartes distribuées à tous les fans qui regardent la course.
* Essayez de surmonter l'un des Guinness' master class' vélo statique
* Il se tiendra les 24 heures de VTT.

* Tour de France

Le maire de Barcelone, Jordi Hereu, a présenté les activités qui seront faites dans la capitale catalane pour la caravane du Tour de France en deux étapes, qui se tiendra les 9 et 10 Juillet un événement qui sera "un plaisir et un honneur "pour la ville, at-il dit.

Une autre des activités parallèles va tenter de battre le record Guinness pour une «master class» pour les vélos

Les étapes qui vont passer par la Catalogne et de six des sept français ronde. Le premier, qui sera de Gérone, se terminant à Barcelone, où il Voyage 13 miles à la montagne de Montjuïc, à proximité du Stade olympique de Lluis Companys. La prochaine marche sera ouverte à la Maria Cristina, près de la Plaza Espanya, et à la fin de la principauté d'Andorre, après un voyage de 224 kilomètres.

Dans son voyage à Barcelone, accompagné d'une vague jaune coureurs à la fin. "Nous voulons une vague qui accompagne les cyclistes dans la ville afin que les feuilles jaunes et le déplacement à remercier les citoyens de Barcelone", a déclaré Hereu.

Pour atteindre cet effet, la Ville a distribué des cartes à tous les fans qui viennent voir la course pour obtenir un effet semblable à un stade de football. Une autre des activités parallèles va tenter de battre le record Guinness pour une «master class» de vélos. Pour ce faire, sera installé à la Lluis Companys 500 balade en vélo pour faire "une nouvelle étape du Tour», a déclaré le maire.

Également être tenue dans les jours avant l'arrivée du Tour 24 heures de VTT, une course populaire où des équipes composées de un, deux ou quatre composantes va essayer de maximiser le nombre de tours de circuit à la classique cycliste de la "Montagne magique ', de 3800 mètres.

martes, 28 de abril de 2009

Barcelona accompanied with a "yellow wave" Tour de France to the city in its wake

A moment of the fifteenth stage of the Tour.

* Distributed cards to all the fans who watch the race.
* Try to overcome one of Guinness' master class' static bike
* It will be held 24 hours of mountain bikers.

Minuteca all about:

* Tour de France

The mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, presented the activities that will be made in the Catalan capital for the caravan of the Tour de France in two stages to be held on 9 and July 10, an event which will be "a pleasure and an honor "for the city, he said.

Another parallel activities will attempt to beat the record for a Guinness' master class' for bicycles

The steps that will pass through Catalonia and the six of the seven French round. The first, which will de Girona, ending in Barcelona, where he will travel 13 miles to the mountain of Montjuïc, near the Olympic Stadium Lluis Companys. The next walk will commence at the Maria Cristina, near Plaza Espanya, and end in the principality of Andorra after a journey of 224 kilometers.

In his journey to Barcelona, accompanied by a yellow wave runners to finish. "We want a wave accompanying the cyclists in the city so that the yellow leaves and moving expressing thanks to the citizens of Barcelona," said Hereu.

To achieve this effect, the City distributed cards to all the fans who come to see the race to achieve an effect similar to a football stadium. Another parallel activities will attempt to beat the record for a Guinness' master class' of bicycles. To do this, will be installed at the Lluis Companys 500 bike ride to make "a further stage of the Tour," said the mayor.

Also be held in the days before the arrival of the Tour 24 hours of mountain bikers, a popular race in which teams consisting of one, two or four components will try to maximize the number of turns to the classic circuit rider of the "Magic Mountain ', of 3800 meters.

jueves, 16 de abril de 2009

THE WINNER OF THE TOUR THE BASQUE COUNTRY IS NOW SAYS "REST TIME" Contador: "It's incredible performance that I am taking the time trial this year

The corridor Tselinograd won the round after winning the time trial

Alberto Contador, brilliant winner of the Basque Country Vuelta showed his joy at having managed to roll in this race after the last stage, a 24 km time trial, and acknowledged that "this year's incredible performance that I am taking the trial" .

The broker said madrileño be "very happy" with how ido stage against the clock to start today and end in Zalla (Vizcaya), which, as mentioned, has begun to take shape once climbed the hill of Avellaneda, where has started well and found the references to see that their rivals were "very good".

"From there on I could stay as" qualified.

Contador recognized the improvement achieved in the time trial stages in the last year but explained that perhaps what I have to work are longer than those so far. "Last year we also got the victory, but today was special win because it could not be three years," recalled the broker Pinto, who nevertheless admitted that the victory of last year he "knew better" after learning he won because the that his team had been excluded from the Tour.

Counter added that now touches down "as possible" and said that this year will turn off your mobile "I can call you want." "I am totally disconnected from those of the bike, both physically and psychologically. The bike will stay at home raising a little dust," has completed but not before ensuring that goes with a good taste with victory and the affection of the whole world how to behave is incredible. "

martes, 14 de abril de 2009

Alejandro Valverde returned to action in Amorebieta

The Italian sprint to beat in 2008 to Murcian to Carlstrom and Astarloza. On Sunday, again see the faces, with three turns through the mountains above Muniketas (2nd) and Autzagane (3rd)

Damiano Cunego, one of the major figures in the Basque Country Tour, will play Sunday in the victory achieved in last year's Grand Prix Spring Amorebieta, when imposed on a sprint Valverde, Carlstrom and Astarloza. Unlike transalpine the Murcian arrives, however cool, since it has not competed this week, then it would not be surprising that not only take revenge for what happened in 2008, but above all by what happened last Saturday in the Grand Indurain Premio de Estella, where after great work he did his team, when the truth was out of gas on the ramps leading to the goal of Puy.

Valverde, who has competed very little this year thinking about the Tour, paid Estella in the absence of substance. "When races go 180 miles, I notice it a lot," confessed then. Far from being something disturbing in his team are happy because it is a sign that things are doing well and is being allocated for the Tour. In Amorebieta, nevertheless, will have no excuse because the GP Spring consists of only 171.6 km, a distance accessible to its current state of form. The route also will pearl because it maintains the traditional three laps on the circuit through Amorebieta-Miniketagane (2nd)-Autzagane (3rd)-Amorebieta, and will be rated the top six in the last 60 km.

Besides them, also count as brokers' Purita 'Rodriguez, who departed in the penultimate stage of the Basque Country after going away to recover for Sunday, and the Schleck brothers, Frank and Andy, who went through the round with more Basque penalty glory, especially the largest, the juves did not exit. Nor should we lose sight of the leaders of Liquigas, Nibali and Kreuziger, so good taste have ceased, and of course the local runners, especially Igor Anton, who has a good chance to be tested. Whoever finally takes the output is Samuel Sanchez, who feared that after all these efforts suffer maltracha his left knee.

Valverde for the Spring Grand Prix is a race to prepare for the classic Amstel, Flecha and Liege, which attempt to fight for victory even without being full.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Alberto Contador: "You can make up that difference down"

The leader of the Basque Country Vuelta, Alberto Contador (Astana) has recognized that, just a stage that ends this year, the race is "totally open" and has suggested that perhaps the weather made that "any "he" preferred to save for tomorrow will be the moment of truth. "

Counter said that the day has been very complicated, it was cold and was raining steadily, and was a danger in all downhill. " "The team has been extraordinary, it was unbelievable how they could control the race," insisted the madrileño, who has welcomed "have saved a day like this without losing any time and without incident." "It's very happy," he highlighted.

In the absence of a battle among the favorites, Contador said that perhaps the weather has caused some broker has decided that "saved" for the decisive time trial tomorrow, last day of the Vuelta, or not join the forces. "A bit of both things have come together."

Atento a downhill
The leader explained that Astana has been very attentive to the layout of today is the same as the time trial tomorrow and has indicated that if the day such as today is the downs will be crucial because "you can make more differences down that up. "

"I have been attentive and even before coming to the stage I have a turn in the car to monitor the ground," stated Accountant who has insisted that the race is now wide open and its only advantage is that the last sale. "There are a number of riders who are all with all the options for victory," he concluded.

domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Troisième de Paris-Roubaix pour une grande Boonen / Third Paris-Roubaix for a large Boonen

Husvovd et Arrow, qui a terminé sixième, est allé à terre dans le dernier kilomètre

Belge Tom Boonen a remporté, basé sur la chance et de sa troisième victoire à Paris-Roubaix, la reine des classiques, alors que le seul objectif du vélodrome de Roubaix, a reçu deux gouttes de ses compagnons de vol, l'un des qui a frappé Juan Antonio Flecha, qui a terminé sixième.

L'espagnol, qui a terminé deuxième en 2007 et troisième en 2005, a été très actif tout au long de la course mais a perdu toute possibilité de rouler sur le sol dans une section d'un bouclier de seulement 16 km. objectif.

Boonen, champion du monde à Madrid en 2005, a pris son troisième pavés qui doivent être imposées avec un temps de 6h15: 54 (moyenne de 41,34 km / h) dans la 107e édition de la "Hell of the North" est un différend sur voyage de 259 kilomètres, dont 53 pour le pavage. L'Italien Filippo Pozzato a été de 46 secondes et le Norvégien Thor Hushovd a été troisième à 1:17 du vainqueur.

Excellent travail de Quick Step
Après 50 km d'un groupe de dix coureurs avant de l'emballage: Maarten Wynants (Quick Step), Kasper Klostergaard (Team Saxo Bank), Angelo Furlan (Lampre), Steven Cozza (Garmin), Gregory Henderson (Columbia), Wesley Sulzberger (Française Des Jeux), Joost Posthuma (Rabobank), Servais Knaven (Milram), Steve Chainel (Bouygues) et Andreas Klier (Cervelo).

En 125 mile, à une vitesse moyenne de 42 km / h, l'échappée est venu à avoir plus de quatre minutes d'avance sur le groupe d'hommes qui ont jeté de la Silence-Lotto (Leif Hoste) et Saxo Bank (Fabian Cancellara ). Tom Boonen de Quick Step a commencé à travailler peu de temps après bloc. Chef du groupe ont manifesté dans d'autres favoris comme Cancellara et Juan Antonio Flecha, le seul que vous avez téléchargé l'espagnol à la tribune de la reine des classiques et de deux fois à partir de la date de Miguel Poblet, qui a terminé deuxième en 1958.

Néerlandais Knaven, lauréat en 2001, le groupe est passé de peu de temps avant le premier km. 200, et derrière la Quick Step, très active pour Boonen, annulé le voyage.

Immédiatement après, a 55 km. terminer cinq coureurs testés fortune: Kasper Klostergård (Saxo Bank), WEYLANDT Wouter (Quick Step), Arrow, Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo) et Manuel Quinziato (Liquigas), mais Boonen, suivi par Filippo Pozzato, ne consent pas, ce qui conduit à des différences neuf autres de façon à coïncider avec le bouclier dans le tronçon de 3 km. Mons-en-Pévèle.

Boonen a été un bon vol
Boonen a attaqué à 45 km. du but et a pris Flecha, Pozzato, Thor Hushovd et de deux hommes de la Lotto, Hoste et Johan Van Summeren. Ce fut une bonne escapade. Derrière Cancellara a lutté en vain de les atteindre en tirant sur un groupe de Sylvain Chavanel et Quinziato. Boonen s'en tenir à un 26 km. pas décomposés dans le but belge, il revient doucement à la face avant, où les six échappés ont été affectés aux travaux de la distance les persécuteurs.

Arrow, conscients de leur infériorité dans le cas d'un sprint, d'abord attaqué un 17 km. Boonen arrivée, mais a immédiatement réagi. A quelques mètres après l'espagnol a de terrain dans le tronçon de pavés du Carrefour de l'Arbre, et a dû changer de vélo. Une nouvelle chute, cette fois de Hushovd, Boonen reste seul en tête à 15 km. de l'arrivée.

Le Belge pas le don de la fortune, et a été décisive vers l'objectif, poursuivi par un aspirant au concours Pozzato au sprint.

1. Tom Boonen (BEL, Quick Step) 6h15: 53
2. Filippo Pozzato (ITA-Katusha) 47
3. Thor Hushovd (NOR-Cervelo) à 1h17
4. Leif Hoste (BEL Silence-Lotto) M.T.
5. Johan Vansummeren (BEL, Silence-Lotto) à 1:22
6. Juan Antonio Flecha (ESP, Rabobank) à 2:14
7. Heinrich Haussler (GER-Cervelo) à 3h13
8. Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) Quick Step à 3:15
9. Manuel Quinziato (ITA, Liquigas) à 5:00
10. Matti Breschel (NOR-Saxo Banque), à 5h29 un accident de moto causé seize blessés dans le Paris-Roubaix

* L'une des automobilistes a perdu le contrôle pour des raisons inconnues

Un accident de moto causé par l'un de l'organisation du Paris-Roubaix le vélo classique seize blessures causées à la population participant à l'essai, selon les services d'urgence.

L'incident s'est produit vers 15h45 heure locale de la localité de match Orchies (nord), une soixantaine de kilomètres de l'arrivée lorsque le moteur, pour des raisons inconnues, a perdu la maîtrise de la moto, qui a continué à groupe leader dans l'expérience.

Sources de la police locale a indiqué que quatre des blessés ont été évacués par hélicoptère vers un hôpital de la ville de Lille. La station de radio France Info, a déclaré que toutes les victimes appartenaient à la "même famille" et a quitté la route pour voir le passage des cyclistes.

Third Paris-Roubaix for a large Boonen

Husvovd and Arrow, who finished sixth, went to ground in the last kilometers

Belgian Tom Boonen won, based on luck and his third victory in Paris-Roubaix, the queen of the classics, when the only goal of the velodrome in Roubaix, received two drops of his fellow flight, one of which struck Juan Antonio Flecha, who finished sixth.

The Spanish, who was second in 2007 and third in 2005, was very active throughout the race but lost any option to roll on the floor in a section of a shield only 16 km. goal.

Boonen, world champion in Madrid in 2005, took home his third cobbles to be imposed with a time of 6h15: 54 (average 41.34 km / h) in the 107th edition of the "Hell of the North" is a dispute over journey of 259 kilometers, including 53 for paving. The Italian Filippo Pozzato was 46 seconds and the Norwegian Thor Hushovd was third at 1:17 of the winner.

Great work from Quick Step
After 50 kilometers a group of ten runners ahead of pack: Maarten Wynants (Quick Step), Kasper Klostergaard (Team Saxo Bank), Angelo Furlan (Lampre), Steven Cozza (Garmin), Gregory Henderson (Columbia), Wesley Sulzberger (Francaise Des Jeux), Joost Posthuma (Rabobank), Servais Knaven (Milram), Steve Chainel (Bouygues) and Andreas Klier (Cervelo).

By mile 125, at an average speed of 42 km / h, the escapees came to have more than four minutes ahead of the group of men who threw the Silence-Lotto (Leif Hoste) and Saxo Bank (Fabian Cancellara ). The Tom Boonen of Quick Step started working shortly after block. Head of the group marched in other favorites like Cancellara and Juan Antonio Flecha, the only Spanish you have uploaded to the podium of the queen of classic-and two-times from the time of Miguel Poblet, who was second in 1958.

Dutchman Knaven, winner in 2001, jumped from the group shortly before the first km. 200, and behind the Quick Step, very active for Boonen, canceled the trip.

Immediately thereafter, a 55 km. finish five runners tested fortune: Kasper Klostergård (Saxo Bank), Wouter Weylandt (Quick Step), Arrow, Heinrich Haussler (Cervelo) and Manuel Quinziato (Liquigas), but Boonen, followed by Filippo Pozzato, did not consent, leading to differences nine others to coincide with the head shield in the stretch of 3 km. Mons-en-Pévèle.

Boonen was a good flight
Boonen attacked 45 km. of goal and took Flecha, Pozzato, Thor Hushovd and two men from the Lotto, Hoste and Johan Van Summeren. It was a good getaway. Behind Cancellara struggled in vain to reach them by pulling a group Quinziato and Sylvain Chavanel. Boonen stick to a 26 km. not decomposed in the Belgian goal, he returned smoothly to the front panel, where the six escapees were assigned the work to distance the persecutors.

Arrow, conscious of their inferiority in the event of a sprint, first attacked a 17 km. Boonen finish but reacted immediately. A few meters after the Spanish went to ground in the stretch of pavés Carrefour de l'Arbre, and had to change his bike. A further fall, this time of Hushovd, Boonen left alone in the lead to 15 km. of arrival.

The Belgian missed the gift of fortune, and was decisively towards the goal, pursued by a Pozzato aspiring to contest the sprint.

1. Tom Boonen (BEL, Quick Step) 6h15: 53
2. Filippo Pozzato (ITA-Katusha) 47
3. Thor Hushovd (NOR-Cervelo) at 1:17
4. Leif Hoste (BEL Silence-Lotto) M.T.
5. Johan Vansummeren (BEL-Silence-Lotto) at 1:22
6. Juan Antonio Flecha (ESP, Rabobank) at 2:14
7. Heinrich Haussler (GER-Cervelo) at 3:13
8. Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) Quick Step at 3:15
9. Manuel Quinziato (ITA, Liquigas) at 5:00
10. Matti Breschel (NOR-Saxo Bank) at 5:29 A motorcycle accident caused sixteen injured in the Paris-Roubaix

* One of the motorist lost control for unknown reasons

A motorcycle accident caused by one of the organization of the Paris-Roubaix cycling classic sixteen injuries caused to the public attending the trial, according to the emergency services.

The incident occurred around 15:45 local time to match the locality of Orchies (north), about sixty kilometers from the finish when the engine, for unknown reasons, lost control of the bike, which continued to leading group in the experiment.

Sources from the local police reported that four of the wounded were evacuated by helicopter to a hospital in the city of Lille. The radio station France Info said that all the injured belonged to the "same family" and had left the road to see the passage of cyclists.

Vuelta ciclista España 2009

Armstrong: "There is a high probability that forbid me to go to the Tour"

Armstrong took up 20 minutes after the arrival of the agent until the AFLD has agreed to perform the test

Lance Armstrong (Astana) explained that "high probability" that prevent it from going to the next edition of the Tour de France, which is seven times champion, because of deficiencies in controls of urine, blood and hair, which you made recently and have been criticized by the UCI.

"There is a high probability that forbid me to go to the Tour," Armstrong said in a video uploaded to its website (www.livestrong.com), aware that the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) could leave without participating in the gala round it happened at a recent. The Texan acknowledged that places great hopes in this race. "It's a shame. The Tour is something that I love and wanted to be competitive at least able to help or Contador Leipheimer to win the day," the U.S. in the video.

Armstrong, who said that France "has its rules and can not do anything that was negative in the controls made March 17 by the French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) has informed the UCI. However, Armstrong took up 20 minutes after the arrival of the agent until the AFLD has agreed to perform tests, ground that has been seized by the French to criticize.

The 20 minutes of discord
For the French agency, such hopes could be the reason for imposing penalties in its territory. "Armstrong did not comply with the requirement to remain under the direct and continuous observation of the person responsible," said the agency, which believes this could be a violation of doping rules and is considered "competent" to punish the seven-time Tour winner.

When the doctor of the AFLD, Armstrong had requested permission to shower, since it came to train, while Johann Bruyneel verify the credentials of the doctor. The president believes that the U.S. had "every right" to take a shower while the manager of Astana "with the UCI confirmed that these people had the authority to take samples."

"During this time, his manager called me and I began our charge of doping, Anne Gripper, who confirmed that the AFLD had authority to do so," added to it.

sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

Contador is displayed in the time trial and won the Round the Basque Country

Contador is displayed in the time trial and won the Round the Basque Country

The Spanish Alberto Contador (Astana) has a time trial on Saturday to frame in the sixth and final stage of the Basque Country Back, Zalla Zalla, (24 kms.), And has more shine and it was his second consecutive victory, as predictable as incontestable, in the Basque race.

Accountant and has completed the test which began on Monday with victory in Ataun in both key stages, which went up to the Sanctuary of Arrate and decisive time trial and is presumed to be learned from the trip.

But if the legendary port eibarrés was the feeling that, despite his clear victory, the Madrid was not anything 'super' usually on their best days, the Spanish land in Las Encartaciones Vizcaya has been typical of corridors of time. Among the great big gain up the same against the time trial, in big races or stages of testing a week. Even in classical.

The exhibition of the painting is not forgotten and which confirm that at this moment is undoubtedly the best rider in the world.

Beat all

Toni Colom was great and came in second

Differences over its main rivals, and also pure specialists in the fight alone, speak for themselves. The three runners who had just 8 seconds in the general subjugated them, despite the tremendous career that has completed Toni Colom (Katusha) sensational second in the stage and the final classification.

When shooting, which has climbed a spot on the podium for 2006, when he was third, brought him at the finish 22 seconds, nearly a kilometer, and 30 in general. Samuel Sánchez, the second favorite in most of the bets, but finally the third, has outstripped in the stage 45 seconds, almost two per km., And 53 in general.

It's Cadel Evans, perhaps the biggest rival for the Tour for Contador disputed among those with intentions of winning the Round the Basque Country, has been a debacle similar to 2006 in this time trial. The Australian has ceded 1:25 and 1:33 at the finish in general.

But Pinto has not only alienated his rivals by winning, but cyclists of the entity against the time trial of Michael Rogers and the winner of yesterday, Marco Pinotti, have been placed on the 24 kms. 1:09 and 1:18, respectively.

In the midst of both, fifth in both the stage and in the generally good performance of Luis Leon Sanchez, who, however, has confirmed that it was not in the condition of the Paris-Nice. The Murcian has been a winner of the 1:13, a difference that, in addition to which gave the highest Arrate you have left at 1:48 in the general.

Nor has Robert Gesink bad day, which has endured in the top ten for the day Saturday, which was ninth at 1:25, and in general, in which he finished eighth.

The exhibition was made clear in the Contador 5 km

Showcasing Contador, however, already clear from km.5, where virtually ensured victory by adding 11, 24 and 31 seconds at 8 was already on Colom, and Samuel Evans.

Trapping and arreón in the first race, but did not Contador the benefits to be extended (33, 45 and 1:03 on its most direct rival to the half-way) until the last of three which decreases the tour, which will led to the winner and insurance goal and in which in 2008 was regular.Como the corridor Tselinograd back to take the round Basque