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Tour de France - Podium Winners

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Lance Armstrong Interviewed by CNN After Placing 3rd Overall in the 2009 Tour de France

He died on Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke because of a pulmonary embolism

Muere el ciclista belga Frank Vandenbroucke a causa de una embolia pulmonar

  • La causa de la muerte ha sido una embolia pulmonar, según la televisión pública belga

He died on Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke because of a pulmonary embolism

* The cause of death was a pulmonary embolism, according to the Belgian public television
* After astonish the late 90s, was involved in doping and drugs
* The sprinter and joined to the black list of riders who test positive and sink
* He spent his last night with a Senegalese girl, who saw fainted

RTVE.ES / 12.10.2009El AGENCIES BRUSSELS Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke has died at age 34 while vacationing in Senegal, where he was found dead in a hotel room, according to Belgian television go ahead 'RTFB'.

A source close to confirmed the death Vandenbroucke told France-Press. "Frank was found dead in a hotel room in Senegal, but it is not the cause of death," said the source. Belgian media say the cyclist has died from a pulmonary embolism.

The cyclist spent his last night with a Senegalese girl, who said he witnessed the runner collapsed after complaining because he felt bad, as reported by Belgian RTBF television on its website.

The young rider Fabio Polazzi 24 years, accompanying Vandenbroucke during their stay in Senegal, explained exclusively to the chain they both came to the African country on Sunday afternoon. After dining at a restaurant, where they shared "a few drinks," he told Polazzi Vandenbroucke who had a date with a girl and left, after he said he would return the next day morning.

With no news of him, Polazzi attempted to contact his friend in his two mobile phones, without success, until the police called him to announce his death and asked to identify their clothes. Vandenbroucke's body was found in a room of the "Blue House", an establishment located three miles from his hotel, where he had arrived early with her.

An eternal promise of cycling

Vandenbroucke was full of talented rider stunned the cycling world in the late '90s when classic earned through rushing attacks that left anchored to the rest of the pack, but also a man involved in family problems and drug him away major sporting success.

Born on 6 November 1974 in Mouscron, Belgium's began his career in 1994 by the hand of his uncle Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke, then sporting director of the Lotto team.

In the next six years, Vandenbroucke he built a great track record of more than 50 victories, especially in the Mapei, who won the mythical evidence as the Paris-Nice, Liège-Bastogne-Liege and Paris-Brussels.

At the peak of his career just 25 years, Vandenbroucke landed in 1999 at the Cofidis team, sharing leadership with David Millar and complete his victory last year. The great moment of his career came in the Tour of Spain this season, winning two stages, one in Avila, leaving an impressive history to attack along the ramparts of the city.

By then they had come into her life the first formal accusations of doping, starting a downhill away from him forever victories even though, from 2000 until her final retirement on Aug. 31, tried greening laurels in eight different teams.

Indeed in 2000 he was admitted with depression, although the beginning of the end came two years later, when police found EPO, morphine and clenbuterol during a search of his home. Vandenbroucke initially said the drugs were for his dog, but eventually admitted his guilt and was punished.

He began recording a series of disparate events and spread over the following years. In that same 2002 was caught driving drunk in Belgium at a rate three times the permitted and two years after police had to intervene at home because the 'enfant terrible' of cycling had fired into the air with a shotgun while discussing with his woman.

Their vain attempts to lift his dual careers with new suspicions of doping at a time when the police and their records were the main protagonists in the world of cycling, over sporting prowess of cyclists.

Both collapsed setback Vandenbroucke, who in 2007 tried to commit suicide in Italy while serving in the Acqua e Sapone-Caffé Mokambo. That was yet another incident before in his memoir recounting his problems with his divorce and drugs.

Also a Spanish rider with drug Jose Maria Jimenez, Chava, died at age 32.

Experts warn that doping with steroids leads to dependency esterioides like drugs, which some athletes use when they leave their activity to overcome the withdrawal, in a deadly trap.

Belgium, shocked by the death of cyclist

The death of 34 Belgian cyclist Frank Vandenbroucke in circumstances still unknown has shocked the country, where this tragic event accounts for the vast majority of front pages.

"Death of a star fucking", "Vandenbroucke has left us" or "Vandenbroucke dead" are some of the headlines today highlight this event.

Although not yet clarified the circumstances of this tragedy, some newspapers have likened to the death of Vandenbroucke with another myth of cycling, Italy's Marco Pantani, who in 2004 was found dead in his hotel room in Rimini , also 34, after suffering a cocaine overdose.

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Le tour de france 2009 - Tour De France Podium

The most mountainous Tour de France

Contador, who ignored Armstrong pleased with the course of 2010, with little time trials and the Pyrenees overdose marks the centenary of the first ascent of the mountain

"You have to do as these athletes," I have long recommended Alberto Contador, "turning the opponent's strength, its rush, your best weapon in your own strength." During the 2009 Tour, Contador eagerly applied the lesson to get the obsession, jealousy, by Armstrong himself, climbing fragile figure, the heart of one champion, becoming the heavy burden of Texan boy supplemental energy Pinto, who managed to surpass the U.S. in more than six minutes between the mountains and 45s against the clock to give him only in the range of La Grande Motte, the great monument of Armstrong and Hincapie themselves in the Tour of the return of Texas, which finished third.

The news on other websites

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Among the Spanish and Texas yesterday there was no look, no word

Before ending the campaign of 2009, Armstrong announced he would return in 2010 stronger and better, and on a different computer [RadioShack], giving it freedom to attack. Contador was silent. Armstrong does not exist for him than any other broker, or sometimes less, as shown yesterday when the presentation of the route 2010, at the time of taking seats in the great palace of congresses in Paris, Contador, who arrived last with the four-minute delay that signal their status as number one, not even a word went to Texas, a look, when he rose to let him pass. Contador sat two seats away, with Andy Schleck as firewalls.

So he came back to feed the obsession of Armstrong and Contador started to win the Tour in 2010, which will be born on 3 July at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, and whose route, the most mountainous of the past few years -23 colleagues three arrivals high, twice the Tourmalet-liked. "It's tougher than that of 2009," said Contador, Tour winner and 2007 to 2009 and reputed as the only rider capable of increasing differences with a long seizure group. "There are more mountain time trial, a journey to make more differences. The closest I can be on the mountain's Andy Schleck.

Building on 100 years ago that the Tour discovered the Pyrenees-the circle of death, was known as the road linking Luchon to Pau by four mountain passes, Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque, 100 years ago were no more than mule path amid forests populated by bears, and in search of spectacular, the only concept that sponsors and viewers seem to understand, Christian Prudhomme, the pattern of the Tour, has drawn a path exaggerated, no team time trial and a single long time trial on the eve of Paris, 51 km Bordeaux, touring the vineyards of the Medoc.

The mountain will begin on the seventh day in the massif of Jura, with the arrival at the station of Les Rousses, appetizer of the Alpine stages will have two strong, one arrival and one day Avoriaz La Madeleine. After a quick and rough crossing of the Massif Central, with winks to Armstrong-way through the col of La Rochelle, where Beloki broke his hip and he crossed field without falling-through-arrival Indurain Mende airfield, where both underwent Navarre in 1995 at the hands of Jalabert, last week is devoted fully to the Pyrenees, where over four stages, from east to west and back, no stone is left unturned. It will end the first day in Ax, will continue the next day just 100 years, day by day, July 19, then by the first ports to be played in the Pyrenees, Portet de Aspet and Ares, to culminate the following day with great honor, between Luchon and Pau, the four giants.

For dessert, the hardest thing, to 2115 meters final at the summit of the Tourmalet, the second time in history, 36 years after the first, after spending the terrible Marie Blanque and Barèges Soulor and climbing. "It always happens, however, that the more mountain, more fear and more conservative we become runners," said Contador. "Since last year, less strong, everyone said to keep for the last week, but I think in 2010 you can do interesting things before. It will require a good team to control. To see in what I am. The Sept. 20 just within the ICU for registration, to see what the Astana ".

Without such problems, Armstrong was able to bask in a nice touch he had with him Prudhomme. The Texan, who, less than Contador in the mountains and time trials, you should seek the advantage in areas of ambush, regretted the absence of a team time trial where you do an initial screening, but in return, was pleased with the inclusion, on the third day of 13 miles shield in four tranches of the Paris-Roubaix, a plot similar to that used to get rid of Iban Mayo, who feared in 2004. "But it will be different," he said. "The goal is much closer, there will be many differences." "I just hope it does not rain," said Contador, but I did not lose any sleep over the shield. "Some may lose much there," he said Johan Bruyneel, the director of Armstrong, "but there will not be won on Tour.

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LaToya Jackson, AnnaLynne McCord sisters Angel Rachel Eva La Rue at the Macy's Passport Gala

Tour De France - Melodisk brøler ved sejrsceremoni

The Pyrenees will be judges of the 2010 Tour

Enlarge fotoAlberto Contador, Lance Armstrong and Andy Schleck map pose with the Tour de France 2010

Alberto Contador, Lance Armstrong and Andy Schleck pose with the Tour de France map 2010EFE

* The race will start in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on 3 July
* It will have four stages in the Pyrenees, with the Tourmalet to three days of the end
* It celebrates the centenary of the first passage through the Pyrenees

EFE PARIS 14/10/2009 - 12:30 Reichs 2010 Tour de France will be played in the Pyrenees, the Massif to concentrate the greatest difficulty for an edition that will celebrate the centenary of the first step on their roads and will have the Tourmalet as judge of the race , that amount twice.

The route, unveiled today by the organizers, will start in Rotterdam on July 3, will have more mountain than in the previous edition and fewer miles time trial, a discipline in which no team will be timed.

In total, the riders must complete 3596 miles divided into 20 stages and two rest days before arrival at the Champs Elysees on July 25.

With the rise of 23 ports, compared to 20 last year, of which five will finish, the mountain will be the highlight of the issue.

"It's harder than last year, but we are on the average of recent years," said event director Christian Prudhomme said.

The pattern of the Tour denied that the tour has wanted to favor the winner of last edition, Alberto Contador, compared to their expected main rival, American Lance Armstrong.

"If there are fewer time trial is to break the script from the previous years," said competition director Jean-Francois Pecheux.

The organizers wanted to make a nod to the Pyrenees to celebrate the centenary of its first step, so that solid, which will be addressed in the final week of racing, the main difficulty concentrating.

Four stages in the Pyrenees, with two arrivals up, will the general ready for final certification.

Just three days before the arrival in Paris the peloton reach the summit of the Tourmalet, which has been done only once, in the '70s and that marked the climax of the 2010 Tour. This will be a myth, with the rise of the Marie-Blanque and Soulor, in an edition in which the organizers have decided to climb all the peaks that were reached in 1910.

The only trial will live long on the eve of the final 51 kilometers between the vineyards bordolese. It will be the only exercise timed along with the eight-kilometer prologue edition launched in the town of Rotterdam Holland.

The first week will be marked by cobblestone paths on which the organizers have borrowed the classic spring from the Paris-Roubaix to the Liege-Bastogne-Liege, through the Tour of Flanders.

With the danger posed by "shield" the Tour hopes to give spice to the first week, which also border on the North Sea, which opens the door to the fans.

Below is the massif of Jura face before heading to the Alps but not before facing the Massif Central, a prelude to the Pyrenees.

Le Tour 2010 étapes / stages / etapas

Les étapes
Étape Type Date Départ et arrivée Distance Détails
P Prologue samedi 3 juillet Rotterdam > Rotterdam 8 km
1 Plaine dimanche 4 juillet Rotterdam > Bruxelles 224 km
2 Vallonnée lundi 5 juillet Bruxelles > Spa 192 km
3 Plaine mardi 6 juillet Wanze > Arenberg Porte du Hainaut 207 km
4 Plaine mercredi 7 juillet Cambrai > Reims 150 km
5 Plaine jeudi 8 juillet Épernay > Montargis 185 km
6 Plaine vendredi 9 juillet Montargis > Gueugnon 225 km
7 Moyenne montagne samedi 10 juillet Tournus > Station des Rousses 161 km
8 Haute montagne dimanche 11 juillet Station des Rousses > Morzine-Avoriaz 189 km
- Repos lundi 12 juillet Morzine-Avoriaz
9 Haute montagne mardi 13 juillet Morzine-Avoriaz > Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne 204 km
10 Moyenne montagne mercredi 14 juillet Chambéry > Gap 179 km
11 Plaine jeudi 15 juillet Sisteron > Bourg-lès-Valence 180 km
12 Vallonnée vendredi 16 juillet Bourg-de-Péage > Mende 210 km
13 Plaine samedi 17 juillet Rodez > Revel 195 km
14 Haute montagne dimanche 18 juillet Revel > Ax-3 Domaines 184 km
15 Haute montagne lundi 19 juillet Pamiers > Bagnères-de-Luchon 187 km
16 Haute montagne mardi 20 juillet Bagnères-de-Luchon > Pau 196 km
- Repos mercredi 21 juillet Pau
17 Haute montagne jeudi 22 juillet Pau > Col du Tourmalet 174 km
18 Plaine vendredi 23 juillet Salies-de-Béarn > Bordeaux 190 km
19 Contre-la-montre individuel samedi 24 juillet Bordeaux > Pauillac 51 km
20 Plaine dimanche 25 juillet Longjumeau > Paris Champs-Élysées 105 km

American cyclist Lance Armstrong speaks to the media during the presentation of the Tour de France 2010

El ciclista estadounidense Lance Armstrong habla con los medios durante la presentación del Tour de Francia 2010

American cyclist Lance Armstrong speaks to the media during the presentation of the Tour de France 2010EFE

* The Texas corridor and has the Schleck Bradley Wiggins
* "The rivalry between Albert and me is good for cycling, but not for us"
* Presentation of the 2010 Tour

EFE PARIS 14/10/2009 - 14:40 blanc Armstrong does not believe that the upcoming tour of France, whose route was presented in Paris, can be summarized in a duel between him and the Spanish Alberto Contador, winner of last edition, saying that other major rivals.

"I think the rivalry between Albert and me is good for cycling, but I'm not sure that benefits neither," said the Texan, seven-time Tour winner and third in the last edition.

Armstrong said he expected a Tour "very intense from the media standpoint," as it shows that "since we are talking about that issue."

But he said there are runners who can compete with him and Contador. "The Schleck brothers will be very strong, also it should be very attentive to (Bradley) Wiggins," he said.

On the tour, Armstrong said, "will be a more open race in 2009" because no team time trial, a discipline in the last tournament that many cyclists lost their final chance of victory.

"The Tour is always hard, never say that one is harder than another. In the end, the strongest always wins," said the Texan.

Armstrong stressed the importance of the mountain in the next issue, but also warned of the falls, where you can get differences.

The American, who next year will bear RadioShack training that has pushed himself, he shows up just next to Contador, Astana his main challenger last year.

Invited by the organization to be photographed against a panel together with the course of 2010 and followed by Andy Schleck, second in 2009, the Texan was the right time just before going to serve the media, while the other two riders posed for photographers and television cameras.

El ciclista estadounidense Lance Armstrong habla con los medios durante la presentación del Tour de Francia 2010EFE

  • El corredor tejano cuenta con los Schleck y Bradley Wiggins
  • "La rivalidad entre Alberto y yo es buena para el ciclismo, pero no para nosotros"
  • Presentación del Tour 2010
EFE PARÍS 14.10.2009 - 14:40hLance Armstrong no cree que el próximo tour de Francia, cuyo recorrido fue presentado en París, pueda resumirse en un duelo entre él y el español Alberto Contador, ganador de la pasada edición, y aseguró que hay otros rivales importantes.

"Creo que la rivalidad entre Alberto y yo es buena para el ciclismo, pero no estoy seguro de que nos beneficie a ninguno de los dos", aseguró el tejano, séptuple ganador del Tour y tercero de la pasada edición.

Armstrong afirmó que se espera un Tour "muy intenso desde el punto de vista mediático", como lo demuestra que "ya se está hablando de esa edición".

Pero aseguró que hay corredores que pueden rivalizar con él y con Contador. "Los hermanos Schleck estarán muy fuertes y también habrá que estar muy atentos a (Bradley) Wiggins", afirmó.

En cuanto al recorrido, Armstrong señaló que "será una carrera más abierta que en 2009", porque no hay contrarreloj por equipos, una disciplina en la que en la pasada edición muchos ciclistas quedaron sin opciones de victoria final.

"El Tour es siempre duro, nunca digo que uno es más duro que otro. Al final, siempre gana el más fuerte", señaló el tejano.

Armstrong destacó la importancia de la montaña en la próxima edición, pero advirtió también de los descensos, donde se pueden obtener diferencias.

El estadounidense, que el año próximo correrá con la formación RadioShack que él mismo ha impulsado, apenas se dejó ver al lado de Contador, su gran rival en Astana el año pasado.

Invitados por la organización a fotografiarse juntos frente a un panel con el recorrido de 2010 y acompañados de Andy Schleck, segundo de 2009, el tejano apenas estuvo el tiempo justo antes de acudir a atender a los medios de comunicación, mientras que los otros dos ciclistas posaron para los fotógrafos y cámaras de televisión.

Stage Tour de France 2010 etapas Tour de Francia

  • Prólogo (03/07) Rotterdam - Rotterdam (CRI) 8
  • 1 (04/07) Rotterdam - Bruselas 224
  • 2 (05/07) Bruselas - Spa 192
  • 3 (06/07) Wanze - Arenberg Porte du Hainaut 207
  • 4 (07/07) Cambrai - Reims 150
  • 5 (08/07) Épinay - Montargis 185
  • 6 (09/07) Montargis - Gueugnon 225
  • 7 (10/07) Tournus - Station des Rousses 161
  • 8 (11/07) Station des Rousses - Morzine-Avoriaz 189
  • Descanso (12/07)
  • 9 (13/07) Morzine-Avoriaz - Saint-Jean-de-Maurenne 204
  • 10 (14/07) Chambéry - Gap 179
  • 11 (15/07) Sisteron - Bour-lès-Valence 180
  • 12 (16/07) Bourg-de-Péage - Mende 210
  • 13 (17/07) Rodez - Revel 195
  • 14 (18/07) Revel - Ax-3 Domaines 184
  • 15 (19/07) Pamiers - Bagnères-de-Luchon 187
  • 16 (20/07) Bagnères-de-Luchon - Pau 196
  • Descanso (21/07)
  • 17 (22/07) Pau - Col du Tourmalet 174
  • 18 (23/07) Salies-de-Béarn - Burdeos 190
  • 19 (24/07) Burdeos - Pauillac (CRI) 51
  • 20 (25/07) Longjumeau - París 105

Bagnères-de-Luchon Pau - 196 km mardi 20 juillet 2010 le 4 cols terrible

Profil de l'étape

Bagnères-de-Luchon Pau - 196 km

Parcours Tour de France 2010 recorrido Tour de Francia 2010


Contador: Astana If you propose a serious project, I will "

"For the Tour, Andy Schleck bothers me more than Lance Armstrong"

The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador admitted that no one wants to "nervous" about their future, still tied to Astana, which is not discarded if it offers "a serious project, but hopes to have a competitive team among the" many "deals it has received to return to win the Tour de France, which is more concerned with Luxembourg's Andy Schleck (Saxo Bank) and which by American and former teammate, Lance Armstrong (RadioShack).

"I do not want to get nervous about my future. Although it appears that is a situation that will evolve, I try to deal with tranquility," Contador said in an interview that appears today in the French newspaper L'Equipe'' ' 'and that includes Europe Press.

The Pinto makes clear that he and his environment must "respond to numerous requests", which is not allowed to "be focused on the problem." Anyway, he knows he is at a point where he "would love to permanently fix" their future, "either in Astana or other equipment," he warns.

The Madrid, who emphasizes that his season has been "atypical" for the return of Lance Armstrong, who led''turbulence''in the training ensures that "the problem" is to "expect a true sporting project part of Astana ".

"I do not know who will direct or if their future is compromised. If everything works out tomorrow, I suggest a serious project with a capable team for the Tour, would have no problem fulfilling my contract year," he stresses.

However, Contador reiterated that "there is a real interest" by the teams that have looked at it (Caisse d''Epargne, Garmin, Quick Step) and that "all possibilities have been well studied. "But there is a one year contract with Astana," warns, making clear that since the formation has been told that his departure was "not negotiable since 2010 said they were continuing" and that those who have found it easy to leave the team " were indispensable in the team. " "THE PROGRESS OF A THORN REMOVER ME ARMSTRONG. One who has left is Lance Armstrong, Contador something that has provided "comfort." "I removed a thorn from his foot," he jokes. "You will finally have a team dedicated to his cause. I will not live another season like 2009 and make a tour under the same conditions," he adds. On the Grande Boucle'',''where the route for 2010 was unveiled today its 2007 winner and 2009 wants to defend his crown, but with help. "I would lie if I said that the position of having a competitive team for the Tour does not worry me, I can not win alone," he says. What is also clear is that Armstrong will return with a vengeance. "Certainly will come with the intention of winning, like last year, but Andy Schleck bothers me more. Lance will be part of the group of favorites, I have all the respect in the world but no one scares me," sentence.

Astana: "We have nothing to hide"

* The Kazakh team defends itself after the announcement that is being investigated
* Ensure that its brokers "have not used banned substances"

EFE 13.10.2009El Astana team, which includes the Spanish Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong, winner and third place respectively in the last Tour de France, has said he has "nothing to hide" and that their brokers "not have used banned substances.

Thus, the Kazakh team to step out of the information in French newspaper L'Equipe, in which Paris prosecutors opened an investigation into alleged doping by Astana team in the last Tour after it was discovered a "suspicious syringes .

"The Astana team has been surprised to read that the team is being investigated by French prosecutors for a doping issue. This information release is the first thing we heard about this research, as this information affects some teams that participated in the Tour, "it said.

"Team Astana has nothing to hide, the runners have not used banned substances, and the team has full confidence in the results of tests performed or to be practicing in a Paris laboratory and is ready to cooperate ', adds the note signed by the head of press, the former cyclist Philippe Maertens.

The research, which is run by the Central Bureau of Counter Attacks on Environment and Public Health, responding to the discovery of "several suspicious syringes in one of the containers assigned to each team by the organizers of the event to collect home medical waste, "said L'Equipe.

The Parisian laboratory Toxlab judicial experts, led by Professor Gilbert Pépin, currently examining the syringes to determine its content.

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