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La bola del mundo un nuevo coloso a de las montañas creado a partir del Puerto de Navacerrada y equiparable al Tourmalet

La bola del mundo un nuevo coloso a de las montañas creado a partir del Puerto de Navacerrada y equiparable al Tourmalet, por km, altura y dureza final.

miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

La Vuelta a España, had an obsession, to finish a stage in the ball of the World

Javier Guillén, the general director of the Tour of Spain, had an obsession, to finish a stage in the ball of the World. It was an old wish of his former boss, the late Enrique Franco, the man who modernized the Vuelta. Pedro Delgado persuaded to explore by bicycle, climbed the slopes of two stark cement. 'Can', said Peter.

And Guillen began to tangle. The mayor of La Granja, José Luis Vázquez, I was convinced. And he dragged several others in the area. But the solution came from the hand of Javier Hernandez, Deputy Minister of Sports in the Community. He liked the project and decided it would be the regional government to sponsor the stage. "A joy for municipalities in the area, especially for the San Martin de Valdeiglesias that receives the output, recognizes Guillen. Cities such as El Escorial, Guadarrama, or Alpedrete Cercedilla could enjoy the Tour of Spain in your home without the need for spending. All that remained was the name: Stage seven stars of the Community of Madrid. "Javier's idea [Guillen], recognizes another Javier [Hernández].

The two stage yesterday presented with Abraham Olano, the technical director of the Vuelta, Carlota Castrejana, general manager of sports, and former cyclists Eduardo Huts and Miguel Angel Martin Perdiguero, Councillor for Sports of San Sebastian de los Reyes. The concern for all is the environment. 'Because we want to be nice, but mainly because we want to return "recognizes Guillén.

To guarantee the "cleansing" of the race, the organization has hired cleaning crews work on the stage and the next two days. The access will be banned for four-wheeled vehicles. The tour ends at the car parking Navacerrada. The organization looks to move the public from the train station by bus. The riders will drop their bikes to the area of the podium, to be installed in the parking lot. Although it is reviewing the use of helicopters for evacuation corridors.

Abraham Olano Javier unaware of the plans when he explored the area Guillen with Peter. "I should have said it could not," says general manager. But the concern Olano, the first Spanish champion, the team leaders were more than bicyclists.
How to tell who can not get the car home. "They may only go on a bike and take your pick from the director or a mechanic," says Abraham. The choice is simple but painful, the mechanic.

The directors have a hard left alone to cyclists and cyclists cost them up these slopes. More complicated with rain, when the wheels lose grip. It has also been tested. And you can come up with water. "Only a disaster would make the suspension stage," assumes Javier Guillén. And do not expect a flood on 18 September.

Javier Hernandez, who has found the beauty of cycling's Tour Live at the final stage in the Tourmalet, is proud of his work. "It must be a decisive step to find the winner, the last before arriving in Madrid," says the deputy sports. "The last three kilometers are vertigo," warns Olano. "They provide a very strong and wear may be some weakness even among the top" he says. End of the season is finally back. Just walk forces and the stage is demanding. An end of seven stars.

domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck and Denis Menchov in the podium of the Tour de France


Alberto Contador happy with the third Tour de France


Cavendish win in the last stage of the Tour de France 2010


Alberto Contador ha sufrido más de lo esperado para ganar el tercer Tour de Francia


Lo demostró en la contrarreloj pero ya lo había demostrado en muchas ocasiones. Alberto Contador ha ganado ya cinco grandes vueltas sobreponiéndose a condiciones muy duras.

tercer Tour para Contador con mucha emocion


lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

One hundred years on the Tour de France with the Tourmalet


On the eve of the 2010 Tour is to stop and make a special mention of the Tourmalet, one of 'kings' of the French round, where they have forged a thousand and one stories and where they have signed some of the largest and best known feats of biking yesterday and today. Even I go further: to understand the Tour de France have to study this port, see who has crowned and also see who has won the Tour this year.

If there is a mountain in the French round that everyone associated with cycling, this is none other than the Tourmalet. A mythical port and everyone dedicated to this cycling would like to reflect in its sporting history, but its hardness is so high that very few can boast of having won there. Also, speaking of Lourdes do Tourmalet is because cyclists often have to go through the village where one of the most visited shrines of the world to get into the French village of Pau and address the ramps first of all a giant sport of 'the two big wheels': the Tourmalet.

The Spanish cycling has had a notable presence at the summit. These are some of those were spent as head of the race in this legendary port exists since 1910 as a port of cycling gala round, without a doubt the best race in the world in stages: Julian Sweeper (1937), Federico Martin Bahamontes ( 1954, 1962 and 1963), Julio Jiménez (1964, 1965, 1967); Andres Gandarias (1970), Gonzalo Aja (1974) Francisco Galdos (1976), Pello Ruiz Cabestany (1985); Laudelino Cubino (1988), Miguel Angel Martínez Torres (1990), Javier Pascual (1997).

As a tribute to the organization of the Tour de France has sought to make in this centenary of the legendary Tourmalet, all ports will climb the Pyrenees which amounted in 1910 when Octave Lapize, who crossed on foot the Tourmalet in the lead, called "criminals" to the organizers had scheduled these increases inhumane.

Some of its features

The Col du Tourmalet, Col du Tourmalet or simply Tourmalet mountain pass is located in the heart of the French Pyrenees. It has an altitude of 2115 meters over sea level. The mountain pass is closed for the winter season, during which time part of the ski station of La Mongie ski resort, located on the east side of it. The port had no road until in 1846 Napoleon III ordered the construction of a thermal path.

The Tourmalet is especially known for its relationship with the Tour de France, and that since he first climbed in 1910 has become one of its ports famous for its hardness and history.

Discovery cycling

Alphonse Stein, one of the architects of the Grande Boucle, traveled from Paris to the Pyrenees in order of Henri Desgrange, patron of the race, with a mission to find a challenge to the 1910 edition (the 7th edition). At a time when French round trip only included in its mountainous difficulties, shattering feared however that the Pyrenees were too tough for cyclists.

Steines was the Tourmalet a winter morning with a car and driver. Following much of the ascent, the driver had to stop the car to four kilometers from the summit due to the abundant snow. Through the night and next, Stein got out and started walking the path to the summit, appearing almost frozen after noon in the village of Bareges, having managed to reach the top. Stein, before warming and change clothes, went to the telegraph office of the municipality to send the following message Desgranges: Crossed Tourmalet. Very good route. Perfectly practicable.

The lie of Stein, whose seven-word message would go down in posterity, he convinced Desgranges, who approved the inclusion of the Tourmalet in the route of the Tour that year, marking the debut of this legendary Pyrenees and port in the gala round.

The first rider to top the summit was Octave Lapize, who came with the yellow jersey in Paris, winning the Tour that year. In 1913, Eugene Christophe broke the fork of his bike on the Tourmalet and had querepararla himself in a forge at Sainte-Marie-de-Campan to continue the race.

This being so the organizers have decided to make a nod to the Pyrenees to celebrate the centenary of his first step, so that solid, which will be addressed in the last week of the race, the main difficulty concentrating. Four Pyrenees stages, with two steps on the Tourmalet.

Just three days before the arrival in Paris the peloton reach the top of the Tourmalet, which has only been done once in the 70 and will mark the climax of the 2010 Tour. This will be a myth, with the rise of the Marie-Blanque and Soulor, in an edition in which the organizers have decided to climb all the peaks were ascended in 1910.

jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

Alberto Contador sometió a pruebas de escáner a su bicicleta para comprobar que no está utilizando motores escondidos en el cuadro de la misma

El ciclista español Alberto Contador sometió a pruebas de escáner a su bicicleta para comprobar que no está utilizando motores escondidos en el cuadro de la misma, con lo que podría aumentar su velocidad durante la competencia.

Foto: AP

El español, ganador del Tour de Francia 2009, quien participa en la competencia de este año, este martes, al término de la tercera etapa, entregó su bicicleta a los ingenieros asignados por la Unión Ciclista Internacional (UCI) para realizar las pruebas necesarias y comprobar que la bicicleta no cuenta con aditamentos prohibidos o extraños.

Así mismo, el ganador de esta jornada del tour francés, el noruego Thor Hushovd pasó la misma prueba, a la que también fueron sometidas las bicicletas del australiano Cadel Evans, el kasajo Alexandre Vinokourov y el británico Bradley Wiggins, teniendo como resultado una limpia competencia de los corredores.

Luego del debate que se suscitó tras el triunfo del suizo Fabian Cancellara en la última versión de la edición clásica ciclista París-Roubaix, en la que el integrante del equipo Saxo Bank logró un tiempo de 6:35:10 horas, la UCI implantó la necesidad de comprobar que las bicicletas eran utilizadas adecuadamente sin ser "arregladas" para dar ventaja al corredor.

Hace poco, la UCI reveló que existía un pequeño motor que se puede ocultar en el cuadro de una bicicleta común, por lo que surgió la duda de que ya podrían haber sido usadas "bicicletas motorizadas" en algunas competencias sin que esto se pudiera confirmar.

Tras dar a conocer la existencia de este motor y la difusión de un video por Internet en el que se habla del aditamento ciclista y se utilizan imágenes del triunfo de Cancellara en el que al parecer el ciclista oprime un botón secreto para encender el motor, las sospechas de la UCI aumentaron a tal grado de llevar a cabo las pruebas a las que fueron sometidas las bicicletas de los participantes en el Tour de Francia.

sábado, 3 de julio de 2010

The Tour returns to the legs

Contador leaves behind the controversy with Armstrong and is the favorite in a race centered on cycling only

Contador was a master at the end of April with Van Petegem. With former Belgian rider, learned how to go about the boulders, to change the position of the hands to pedal with less tire pressure, avoid driving on the intersections of the stones

Another nod to the Tour of the legs. Those who will travel nearly 3700 miles in three key stages. Two in the Pyrenees, two of the Tourmalet. The final between the long plains and vineyards of Bordeaux Paullac. 50 km timed to define the final podium. This happened last year in Annecy. That day, Contador confirmed that the rider is stopped totally and Armstrong in a Tour that was as false as the true enemy partner. Tomorrow, another begins. No enemies on the same jersey. Only pedal giving punishing rivals.

viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Relación oficial de dorsales y de equipos que disputarán el Tour de Francia.



Director deportivo: Giuseppe Martinelli.



.3. Andry Grivko (Ucr).


.5. Maxim Iglinskiy (Kaz).



.8. Paolo Tiralongo (Ita).

.9. Alexandre Vinokurov (Kaz).


Director deportivo: Bjarne Riis.

11. Andy Schleck (Lux).

12. Matti Breschel (Din).

13. Fabian Cancellara (Sui).

14. Jakob Fuglsang (Din).

15. Stuart O'Grady (Aus).

16. Frank Schleck (Lux).

17. Chris Sorensen (Din).

18. Nicki Sorensen (Din).

19. Jens Voigt (Ale).


Director deportivo: Johan Bruyneel.

21. Lance Armstrong (EEUU).

22. Janez Brajkovic (Esl).

23. Chris Horner (EEUU).

24. Andreas Klöden (Ale).

25. Leip Leipheimer (EEUU).

26. Dmitry Muravyev (Kaz).

27. Sergio Paulinho (Por).

28. Yaroslav Popovych (Ucr).

29. Gregory Rast (Sui).


Director deportivo: Sean Yates.

31. Bradley Wiggins (GBR).

32. Michael Barry (Can).

33. Stephen Cummings (GBR).


35. Simon Gerrans (Aus).

36. Edvald Hagen (Nor).

37. Thomas Lövksit (Sue).

38. Serge Pauwels (Bel).

39. Gerraint Thomas (GBR).


Director deportivo: Stefano Zanatta.

41. Ivan Basso (Ita).

42. Francesco Bellotti (Ita).

43. Kristian Koren (Esl).

44. Roman Kreuziger (Rch).

45. Aliaksandr Kuchynski (Blr).

46. Daniel Oss (Ita).

47. Manuel Quinziato (Ita).

48. Sylvester Szmyd (Pol).

49. Brian Vandborg (Din).


Director deportivo: Matthew White.

51. Christian Vandevelde (EEUU).

52. Julian Dean (Nzl).

53. Tyler Farrar (EEUU).

54. Ryder Hesjedal (Can).

55. Robert Hunter (Rsa).

56. Martijn Maaskant (Hol).

57. David Millar (GBR).

58. Johan van Summeren (Bel).

59. David Zabrinskie (EEUU).


Director deportivo: Thierry Bricaud.

61. Christophe Le Mevel (Fra).

62. Sandy Casar (Fra).

63. Rémy di Gregorio (Fra).

64. Anthony Geslin (Fra).

65. Matthieu Ladagnous (Fra).

66. Anthony Roux (Fra).

67. Jérémy Roy (Fra).

68. Wesley Sulzberger (Aus).

69. Benoît Vaugrenard (Fra).


Director deportivo: Serge Parsani.

71. Vladimir Karpets (Rus).

72. Pavel Brutt (Rus).

73. Serguei Ivanov (Rus).

74. Alexandr Kolobnev (Rus).

75. Robbie McEwen (Aus).

76. Alexandr Pliuschin (Mold).


78. Stijn Vanderbergh (Bel).

79. Eduard Vorganov (Rus).


Director deportivo: Vincent Lavenu.

81. Nicolas Roche (Irl).

82. Maxime Bouet (Fra).

83. Dimitri Champion (Fra).

84. Martin Elmiger (Sui).

85. John Gadret (Fra).

86. David Le Lay (Fra).

87. Lloyd Mondory (Fra).

88. Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita).

89. Christophe Riblon (Fra).


Director deportivo: Jean-Paul van Poppel.



93. Volodymir Gustov (Ucr).

94. Jérémy Hunt (Can).

95. Thor Hushovd (Nor).

96. Andreas Klier (Ale).

97. Ignatas Konovalovas (Lit).

98. Brett Lancaster (Aus).

99. Daniel Lloyd (GBR).


Director deportivo: Herman Frison.

101. Jurgen van der Broeck (Bel).

102. Mario Aerts (Bel).

103. Francis de Greef (Bel).

104. Michael Delage (Fra).

105. Sebastian Lang (Ale).

106. Mattheuw Lloyd (Aus).


108. Jurgen Roelandts (Bel).

109. Charles Wegelius (GBR).


Director deportivo: Brian Holm.

111. Mark Cavendish (GBR).

112. Bernhard Ensel (Aut).

113. Bert Grabsch (Ale).

114. Adam Hansen (Aus).

115. Tony Martin (Ale).

116. Maxime Monfort (Bel).

117. Mark Renshaw (Aus).

118. Michael Rogers (Aus).

119. Konstantsin Sivtsov (Blr).


Director deportivo: John Lelangue.

121. Cadel Evans (Aus).

122. Alessandro Ballan (Ita).

123. Brent Bookwalter (EEUU).

124. Marcus Burghardt (Ale).

125. Mathias Frank (Sui).

126. George Hincapie (EEUU).

127. Karsten Kroon (Hol).

128. Steve Morabito (Sui).

129. Mauro Santambrogio (Ita).


Director deportivo: Wilfried Peeters.

131. Sylvain Chavanel (Fra).


133. Kevin de Weert (Bel).

134. Dries Devenyns (Bel).

135. Jérôme Pineau (Fra).

136. Francesco Reda (Ita).

137. Kevin Seeldrayers (Bel).

138. Jurgen van de Walle (Bel).

139. Maarten Wynants (Bel).


Director deportivo: Ralf Grabsch.

141. Linus Germann (Ale).

142. Gerald Ciolek (Ale).

143. Johannes Fröhlinger (Ale).

144. Roger Kluge (Ale).

145. Christian Knees (Ale).

146. Luke Roberts (Aus).

147. Thomas Rohregger (Aut).

148. Niki Terpstra (Hol).

149. Fabian Wegmann (Ale).


Director deportivo: Didier Rous.

151. Thomas Voecker (Fra).

152. Yukiya Arashiro (Jap).

153. Anthony Charteau (Fra).

154. Pierrick Fedrigo (Fra).

155. Cyril Gautier (Fra).

156. Pierre Rolland (Fra).

157. Matthieu Sprick (Fra).

158. Sébastien Turgot (Fra).

159. Nicolas Vogondy (Fra).


Director deportivo: Eusebio Unzué.


162. Rui Costa (Por).



165. Vasil Kiryenka (Blr).

166. Christophe Moreau (Fra).

167. Matthieu Perget (Fra).




Director deportivo: Francis van Lodersele.

171. Reine Taaramae (Est).

172. Stéphane Auge (Fra).

173. Samuel Dumoulin (Fra).

174. Julen el Fares (Fra).

175. Christophe Kern (Fra).

176. Sébastien Minard (Fra).

177. Amaël Moinard (Fra).

178. Damien Monier (Fra).

179. Rémi Pauriol (Fra).


Director deportivo: Igor González de Galdeano.











Director deportivo: Erik Breukink.

191. Denis Menchov (Rus).

192. Lars Boom (Hol).



195. Robert Gesink (Hol).

196. Koos Moerenhout (Hol).

197. Grischa Niermann (Hol).

198. Bram Tankink (Ale).

199. Maarten Tjallingil (Hol).


Director deportivo: Maurizio Piovani.

201. Damiano Cunego (Ita).

202. Grega Bole (Esl).

203. Mauro da Dalto (Ita).

204. Francesco Gavazzi (Ita).

205. Danilo Hondo (Ale).

206. Mirco Lorenzetto (Ita).

207. Adriano Malori (Ita).

208. Alessandro Petacchi (Ita).

209. Simon Spilak (Esl).


Director deportivo: Joxean Fernández.

211. Eros Capecchi (Ita).


213. Manuel Cardoso (Por).


215. Markus Eibegger (Aut).

216. Fabio Felline (Ita).




Lance Armstrong has surrounded himself with veteran cyclists in their assault on the eighth Tour.

Armstrong entrenando junto a sus compañeros.


The American rider has recruited for the next edition of the French round of his most trusted people, a great tactical and tanned in a thousand battles, but larger. Proof of this is that the present nine contesting the RadioShack has a mean age of 34 years, well above what is customary in the Grande Boucle.
Armstrong runs the Tour at age 38 (39 Sept. 18), Horner served in November of 39, while Leipheimer arrived in France with 36, 37 in October. For its part, Klöden has already reached 35 and Popovych, Gregory Rast and Muravyev already have 30 Springs. Brajkovic, brilliant winner of the Dauphine Libere, is the only one who is saved from the thirties, as it will on December 27.

The nine Johan Bruynel lead in the next Tour is well-defined roles. Armstrong is the boss. The leader with gregaruios luxury, able to be with the best at all times. Leipheimer and Klöden, as we saw in the Tour of Switzerland will be with the Texan in the high mountains, while for stages with less difficulty, in charge of escorting the seven-times Tour will Horner and Brajkovic.

For its part, Popovych is the shadow of the American and the man assigned to assist in the dreaded stage of the pavé. In addition, Portuguese Sergio Paulinho, inseparable from a year ago Contador, who joined Astana to follow the footsteps of the American, with Gregory Rast and Dmitry Muravyev road will be the men that are so important in the early stages.

NO SPANISH This is the team that has surrounded the American. A block in which in addition to their seniority also highlights the lack of Spanish riders in their first assault on the French Cerrera. After the injury of Gipuzkoa Haimar Zubeldia, called to be a faithful squire Armstrong, the only options to help the Texan was the Spaniard Chechu Rubiera. Eventually, however, the veteran runner Gijón has been left out of the American team and will have to watch the race on television.

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Miguel Indurain is coming back with his son Miguel Indurain JR.

Indurain padre e hijo entrenándose juntos

Indurain father and son together in training

Miguel Indurain 20 years ago began his romance with the Tour. Today, his son 15, who has inherited his name, he trained alongside the great champion.

"He decided to try in cycling and I can not hide my joy because this is my environment, I have lived all my life"

In an exclusive interview marca.com happy Indurain is seen next to Michael, his oldest son. "Of course I like to run a bike," he exclaims without hesitation.

"He has done other sports, like soccer and karate, and, like others, we have always supported at home, but has now decided to try in cycling and I can not hide my joy because this is my environment, I have lived all my life, "said Josu Garai Indurain in Pamplona.

The question, being a Indurain, it seems almost obligatory: Do you have powers? "We still do not have a physical, others their age are more developed. I also had a late development, so much so that I won the first Tour in 27 years. But it has long leg, then a good stick," and fluent in the bike. "