miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Joaquim Catalan Purito y Rodríguez, number one world ranking in the UCI, has ended the season with 82 days of competition and feeling "awesome"

Joaquim Catalan Purito y Rodríguez, number one world ranking in the UCI, has ended the season with 82 days of competition and feeling "awesome" for having maintained a regular-season high, while the cyclist Catalan hurt not having topped the podium of the Vuelta.

"To finish number one is really impressive. It is a classification very difficult to win because you have to be all year to one hundred percent, and the truth is that for me and the team is very important because it is entering history cycling, "said Purito.

The leadership of the UCI list contrasts with the feelings of being left out of the podium of the Vuelta.

"Of course it hurts me to have been off the podium. It was a very good year, but it would have been incredible to have topped the podium in the Vuelta, which I was in my power," he said.

After relinquishing the World Cup, where the route is "not very well suited to my conditions, and finally selected as the Spanish have to bring the best runners, cyclist Parets del Valles unveiled the" secret "to be competitive from beginning to end.

"For the final rest, take care, train, keep things clear and above all choose the right goals. You can not go to every race at one hundred percent, because that is what eventually kills you. In that aspect I think successful competition by choosing my days, my career and all the knowledge to train for each of them. " explained.

In view of the results of this year, think again Purito next season the same calendar.

"In the end I think I'll run the same. Perhaps some race dates change this year prevented me to get well to classical, but more or less be the same. Remains to be seen the tours, because having run and three great and seeing how I found this year's Tour of Spain, perhaps we should focus on one clear objective: Giro, Tour and Vuelta, and strive to do my best. " said.

Her "disastrous" intervention in the time trial in the Tour de Peñafiel, Purito force to take action to improve, because that timed "had no justification."

It was a disastrous day, which is unforgivable. One of those days best forgotten. Failed and can not be always looking back.

We must look forward, knowing that this can not happen again, because I jumped off the podium because of those 46 miles and it can not be repeated, "lamented Purito.

Improvement, said the leader of Katusha, "involves training, change slightly the position, focus a bit more in those days that although there is many a year are critical, and be clear that no work is not getting anywhere" .

Among the changes Rodriguez Purito assimilated includes popularity, assimilated by the number one global list.

"A cyclist in Spain is very well regarded, because it is a sport too often, the truth is that I am very proud that people want to greet me or take a picture with me. In the end this encourages you to continue working and know there are people who love the sport and admire you, "he said Purito.

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