martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

The ski resort and mountain home to the Specialized Days, including a cyclist test The Tour de France comes to an activity in La Pinilla

Pinto rider through Youtube encouraged to attend the activity and it did not fail
The ski resort and mountain La Pinilla ended yesterday 2010 summer activities with the celebration of a unique event for the world of cycling, Specialized Days. And he did it in the best way possible: brought together several world champions. Among them was the triple Tour de France champion, Alberto Contador. Pinto rider encouraged the fans through a video on Youtube to attend this event and he also missed, having participated in the march of these Specialized cyclist Days.
This completed the current lineup of luxury double world downhill mountain bike, Australian Sam Hill, the world's first MTB champion Ned Overend, the MTB world champion, XC and MTB Marathon, Christoph Sauser, the champion MTB XC world under-23, Burry Stander, one of the 'freeriders' more popular your videos extreme downhill mountain biking, Canadian Hunter Mat and twice world champion Trial Bike, Spanish Dani Cegarra, among many silent figures of cycling.
All they shared bicycle paths, exhibits, raffles, posed and signed autographs for the thousands of fans to the world of cycling who came to La Pinilla to enjoy the Specialized Days. This activity served also for the sponsor and world's largest manufacturer of bicycles and accessories to publicize all their news for the upcoming 2011 season. It went through a big party atmosphere in a privileged environment. In addition, the accompanying weather and this allowed the stars of the event and the thousands of fans who came to enjoy the beauty Riaza Valley and the Sierra de Ayllón, which is framed the ski resort of La Pinilla for sport bicycle.
This was the best chance we have had La Pinilla to give out your Bike Park, or what is the transformation from a ski resort in the summer in an exceptional setting to enjoy cycling in all its variants. The ski resort and mountain La Pinilla in 2003 became the first facility in Spanish who imitated their older sisters Canadian, French and Swiss, to leverage its infrastructure ski lifts and ski runs and other activities to devote to the world of bicycle. This is what is known as a Bike Park.
Throughout the weekend, participants were tested at different test areas for each specialty. There was a road cycle route and a mountain bike specific courses for riding bicycles on the modalities of descent (Down Hill) and four-cross (4X), BG area fit, women's activities, raffles, areas for children, museum bike repair technical courses and settings ... On top was the champion of the Tour de France.

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