jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Alberto Contador vs Astana

Pending the decision of the International Cycling Union to take on the case of Alberto Contador is a series of factual findings that are also pending the resolution adopted by the world cycling governing body.
The first is that relations between the rider and his team are absent for a long time, particularly since it became known that he would not sign with them, in the Tour de France.
When counter informed him on August 24 had problems in one of his analysis with the appearance of traces of clenbuterol, the broker did not speak to his team for nothing. The matter what he personally filled out for anything without training with which they had long had no contact whatsoever.
Such behavior is not like anything to Kazakh leaders. The rules of the UCI said that while a broker has an interim suspension is "suspended from office, but no pay", pending the decision of the UCI.
Ie, Contador continues to grow and will continue while there is no official communication about the situation say that is positive. What you can not run a race is official, even criteriums.
For confirmation that is positive, according to agreements signed by the brokers to put their signatures on his contract, would have to surrender 70% of it to the UCI. The contract had stood at around four million euros a year. At least those are the figures that have circulated.
Astana will be able to claim all the money he has paid since July. The situation with facts found is that if things are bad given by the decision of the UCI, the sport grief, image and join the economic staff.

Kazakh training, whose manager Yvon Sanquer, of which no one knows if it will continue in the team, has been completely separated from the counter case, first by decision of the corridor, and second, by choice.
Today the team's position is very clear, "an opinion pending the ICU" and level of manager or managers have not received a single message of support, nor will be.
In that sense the only words of support that has been counter Bjarne Rijs have come from, the head of Saxo Bank, its former director Johan Bruyneel and Eusebio Unzue, located in Colombia.
"When all this happens with a great runner like him, it is a very strong suit for everyone. I just hope I have been mistakes, as it seems, but hopefully, because it is so serious that they have caught the leader of this sport doing wrong things. I think it was not and I trust him, "said Unzue.

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