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The director of Saxo Bank, Denmark's Bjarne Rijs said yesterday that it has a 'Plan B'

The director of Saxo Bank, Denmark's Bjarne Rijs said yesterday that it has a 'Plan B' if the three-time Tour de France champion, Alberto Contador, is suspended for doping. Rijs team has shown confidence to the recent ADDITIONS Spanish rider, who has signed for the next two seasons as team leader of his team, but fears the worst.

"I have put together a 'Plan B'. But I will communicate here and now what it is," said team leader Contador, from the website 'Sporten.dk'.

Alberto was banned by the UCI as a precautionary measure for a possible positive for clenbuterol in a doping control for the past Tour de France. "We have to wait for a decision by the UCI," added Riis, who won the Tour in 1996, who years later admitted that he ran doping. The total suspension of Contador led him to lose his 2010 Tour victory and the prohibition of running with his new team.

Contador's signing was key to the return of Saxo Bank, the sponsor had been away from cycling. The team's future is closely linked to the Spanish following the departure of Luxembourg's Andy Schleck, his former team leader, and other figures such as his brother Frank and Swiss Fabian Cancellara. The Danish bank renewed its sponsorship for a season to become official the signing of Contador in August, and a hypothetical Rijs sanction would leave without their star player and the staggering financial support.

Rijs seems not to believe the persistent rumors that the UCI and Contador agreed with a minimum penalty of three months, but the Spanish rider, 27, argues that the positive is due to the consumption of meat contaminated with clenbuterol.

German cyclist Jens Voigt, a favorite of Rijs at the time, believes it makes sense in decisions of the UCI halfway. "When you test positive for A and the B is not nothing but the sanction," said the former cyclist, who is awaiting official confirmation of a new team in Luxembourg.

While Voigt dreams extend its already long career, the times are hard for Rijs. The 2011 could be a bitter year for the Dane, who won the Tour for the last time in 2008 by the hand of Spanish Carlos Sastre. "Things are not easy, but I have no choice," admits Rijs, which currently only has a signed and Belgian rider Nick Nuyens under contract for 2011

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