jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Alberto Contador strikes back

The law firm Bardají - Honored is conducting an aggressive AmB to provide definitive evidence for Contador

Accepts no penalty. Not even a warning. And not to stain his name. On this basis and regardless of media, the lawyers of the firm Bardají & Honest has developed a unique defense strategy, but conclusively. Intend to demonstrate that he ate beef Pau Alberto Contador could be contaminated with clenbuterol. For this in turn has hired a firm of private detectives to keep track of the meat purchased in Irun and obtain irrefutable evidence.

Contador's lawyers believe that this is the most effective defense and at the same time would restore the credibility of his client. In the nearly five hundred pages it occupies the documentary dossier to the International Cycling Union has provided the Spanish Federation there is no consistent evidence, except for doping control analysis. The reports are mostly very technical so the Competition Committee and the Discipline of the Spanish Federation of doctors and scientists need to decipher. The collection appears insufficient to act as the cyclist's lawyers are willing to play a final trick to successfully overcome the case. Have proof of purchase of meat, the establishment in which the ex-racing cyclist and organizer, Lopez Cerron, bought and witnesses. Sources close to counter indicated to this newspaper that is not ruled out reaching a criminal plot. Much of the success of counter failure will therefore depend on the detective investigation "at all levels as there are those who maintain that in Spain it is impossible for livestock has been treated with clenbuterol, despite the Civil Guard in the Canary Islands recently dismantled a network traffic and veterinary prescription forgery of proceeds - were arrested 34 people, but still closed the case.

In parallel, the Higher Sports Council has already expressed an interest "because the process as quickly as possible and, of course, totally objective." The Spanish Federation President, Juan Carlos Castano, has received the message and the Competition Committee chaired by Fernando Uruburu Sistiaga will meet today to discuss information they have sent from the International Cycling Union: "There is no doubt that if the athlete is wrong to bear his mistake but now we can move events. What is certain is that we will treat the case with rigor and impartiality, "subrrayaron federal sources.

Contador, for the moment, trying to survive emotionally to a situation that could not imagine or in the worst of nightmares. Every day must be bound to return to routine training. Since the end of the Tour, has not even been able to take a few days of vacation. Lives anchored in Pinto, pending the money that has been a case that has been delayed excessively and without justification. Although in their usual environment only receives show of support, the reality is that it becomes difficult to understand the persistence and tenacity with which the International Cycling Union pursues him. Considers that the explanations and scientific documentation provided in Lausanne had to have been enough to settle the matter to.

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