jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Who is who, in the Alberto Contador Case

Alberto Contador is the apex of a pyramid from which they derive several people and institutions have much to say about punishment or acquittal. The bulbs light up now to the Spanish Federation (RFEC). Received the dossier of the International Cycling Union called for the opening of its case to pinteño positive.

The next step was to refer the matter to the Competition Committee. Four distinguished lawyers have a responsibility to pinteño sentencing.

President Fernando Uruburu Committee's legal advisor Mapfre. The specialist in sports law Carmen Victoria López is investigating the case. He has experience in doping, and he defended the rider Fran Breezy when he tested positive. Javier Leguizamon accompany them, an expert in disciplinary matters, and Juan Ignacio Sobrino, connected to real estate.

For scientific research work with Luis Sanz, legal adviser to the Federation and Dr. Cesareo Lopez, president of the Anti-Doping Commission, in addition to specialists versed in the art.

Competition will also consider the defense of Contador, who is armed with renowned scholars. On the one hand, still put their trust in the firm Bajardi & Honored, especially Andy Ramos. This, in addition to studying the dossier of the UCI, contacted Thomas Martin-Jimenez, professor at the University of North Carolina that his study demonstrated that rider theory is technically possible.

On the other hand, has hired Rocco pinteño Taminelli. The Swiss lawyer persuaded the Italian Franco Pellizotti was acquitted by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal (TNA). His method is based on counter not have to prove his innocence, but proved guilty.

All indications are that the case will end in the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Counter-parties, UCI and WADA, have the option of appealing to the international court if they are unhappy with the decision of Competition. If so, there would be no final decision until the eve of the Tour.

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