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Science backs Contador

In the U.S., a doctor of veterinary pharmacology in a laboratory certified defending Tour winner
Alberto Contador won the Tour three times, has to prove his innocence now

In Knoxville, Tennessee, several weeks ago, someone was surprised that they were so frivolous the argument that Alberto Contador was given to the International Cycling Union, which maintains that his positive test for clenbuterol was due to ingestion of beef fillet . Some speculators media said they would take half eaten beef for a doping test detected 50 pg / ml, a picogram is one trillionth of a gram "of that drug. Tomás Martín-Jiménez, Doctor of Veterinary Pharmacology, University of North Carolina State, he entered the professional curiosity to distract, locked himself in his laboratory for two weekends to try to "counter what it says is perfectly possible. With a 200 gram steak that comes from a cow treated with clenbuterol can find the percentage that found it in the urine the next day. And that is no speculation. " The study's author has already taken steps to prepare for publication in a scientific journal, but has also attracted the attention of the law firm defending the winner of the Tour. One of them, Andy Ramos, contacted him this week inquiring about a job that will undoubtedly soon be submitted to the Competition Committee that is trying the case.

Martin-Jimenez is from Madrid, is 47 years old and talking to this newspaper wanted to make clear that "neither know Contador, or their environment." Neither is considered a cycling fan and since last year has not gone to his home country: "Actually I'm more interested in football. Training children. For many years I have lived in the U.S., but I still have interest in everything that happens in Spain. And the truth is that the news of Contador had a wide impact internationally and the study it did a month ago because I am a specialist in pharmaceutical drug or chemical residues in animal organisms so that his case falls squarely in my field. With the scientific literature that is of clenbuterol, approximately fifteen references, we developed a pharmacokinetic model to make predictions, which is the usual procedure. From a response to that has received a habitual illegal treatment (20 micrograms per kilo clenbuterol for 20 days) we saw that after 18 or 20 hours could be found in the urine of an athlete mentioned concentration " .

In this professor at the University of Tennessee was surprised "that no one reported figures for counter when data are very clear in the scientific literature that allowed me to do that study." When asked if the Pinto could be innocent is categorical: "I refuse to believe or not believe anything. As a scientist I can not afford that luxury. All I can do is to analyze some data and say that the counter argument that points would be technically possible. The conclusions I leave for others. "

If science supports the corridor, the WADA anti-doping regulations remain an obstacle difficult to overcome because it does not provide percentages in the case of clenbuterol, a banned product. To make matters worse, the code of strict liability further complicate the possibility that Contador is not sanctioned by the Spanish Federation and by the CAS.
Pereiro: "We are taking a painful image of truth"

The 2006 Tour winner Oscar Pereiro, was surprised by the interest aroused by the case of Alberto Contador and other athletes. Yesterday at a ceremony coincided with many former professional athletes, including who was Alfonso Pérez, Iván Pérez, Fernando Romay, Llorente and Almudena Cid. Le 'stitched' questions about the situation that the climber is atravensando Pinto. The situation made him see that "three months have been on the streets all sorts of speculation. Floyd Landis, shortly after the conclusion of the Tour and was suspended, but in this case are moving the ball from one roof to another without anyone c. .. to decide. Counter I know it is serious work. I wonder who doubt him and Riis matter what I say and not do anything. We are giving an image of this sport really painful. "
Alberto Contador, el triple ganador del Tour, tiene que probar ahora su inocencia  Foto: EFE

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