lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) questioned in a report submitted to the Spanish Cycling Federation (FEC), food poisoning Alberto Contador

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) questioned in a report submitted to the Spanish Cycling Federation (FEC), food poisoning Alberto Contador of beef contaminated with clenbuterol studies based on official European Union (EU) on fattening Illegal cattle.

The Competition Committee of the FEC is one that must now rule whether there has been a breach by the counter. To this end, the agency has data from the AMA and those who receive from the rider in the audience who, by all indications, will be held with discretion before Christmas and without being required the presence of Contador. The broker may be represented by their lawyers and scientific advisors. The Competition Committee has a maximum of three months to be defined.

TWO ANALYSIS / The AMA said in its considerations to the analysis of urine Contador agrees to surprise, was made at the Novotel Pau at 19 am on July 21 second rest day of the Grande Boucle. The sample is sent to the laboratory in Cologne (Germany), accredited by this organization. In a first control was found a "minimal traces" of clenbuterol, a second test that required further investigation. It was this that determined the appearance of 50 picograms of the substance (equivalent to 0.00000000005 grams per milliliter of urine). Low values are not used to find in most laboratories. Because these levels so tiny, in a number of "zero energy intake," according to endorse the scientists consulted by this newspaper, was determined to initiate an investigation.

AFFIDAVIT / Counter defense presented an "affidavit" in which he reported that the sole cause of the problem could be the ingestion of a beef tenderloin that had been acquired by José Luis López Irún Cerron, exciclista, former director, a personal friend broker-business-with whom he shares and former candidate for president of the federation.

Lee bought the meat Cerrón commissioned by Paco Olalla, usually the Spanish chef who was hired by the whole Astana for the Tour to be responsible for the supply of cyclists. Olalla was upset because the direction of Pau hotel did not allow access to the kitchen. For this reason, the fillets were grilled on the hob of the team bus. In this testimony, the rider gave the name of the carnage iruñesa. The AMA collected tubers of trade and distributor of suspect meat samples and analyzed with negative results.

TRAPS FOR FARMERS / The review of the AMA cites studies of the EU in 2008, the year in which analyzed nearly 300,000 cattle spread across several European countries, including Spain. Only one animal was suspected of having been fattened with clenbuterol. The AMA, as the data would be favorable to counter-account of cheating farmers tactic made to circumvent the veterinary and that is simply to fatten cattle with clenbuterol 20 days before slaughter, so that remnants of anabolic not appear in the test animal postmortem.

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