miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Popovich declared in investigations Armstrong

U.S. prosecutors investigating the alleged use by Lance Armstrong of doping led to testify before the grand jury to Ukrainian Jaroslav Popovych, a fellow Texan cycling team.

Neither the researchers nor the lawyer Popovich, Ken Miller, gave details of the two-hour statement made yesterday in Los Angeles, Efe said.

"He was forced to appear, but he was not the subject of the investigation," said Miller.

Ukraine's 30 years had to delay their holidays to meet the call that was made 14 days earlier during a charity race in Texas for the Lance Armstrong Foundation to fight cancer, "Livestrong".

Popovich is since 2005 a regular companion of seven-time Tour de France winner in its various teams.

Armstrong is being investigated after accusations that hard he's also jumped on former teammate Floyd Landis, who later admitted doping in the Tour of 2006, whose victory was deposed.

Jeff Novitzky, who made his name as a committed fighter against doping in the BALCO case, is in charge of the investigation. Until now, many cyclists and persons associated with Armstrong were questioned.

The 39-year rider has always denied doping.

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